Tech Repair On-site Computer Repair
         Tech RepairOn-site Computer Repair

Saving the world one computer at a time!

Providing computer service in Hawaii since 1987.

Servicing Pc's, Mac's, printers, and installing camera surveillance

Network installation,  troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance contracts avail.

Virus, Spyware, malware removal, and security to prevent ransomware

System Backup (single or network),  Cloud backup


Optimize your computer, upgrade your computer


Training available, Windows / Mac, Apps, iPad, iPhone, Android

Please contact me @ 808.247.2475 or email


Paul De La Cruz

Contact Us Today!


P.O. Box 4731
Kaneohe, Hi 96744

Phone: 808.247.2475



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Network Configuration & Installation, Software & Hardware Support, Maintenance Contacts Available. Contact us at 808.247.2475 or email: