Tech Repair On-site Computer Repair
         Tech RepairOn-site Computer Repair
Here you will find some helpful solutions to the problems we've encountered - Hope they can help you!


Backup your system or at least your important files - There are many free programs available, most operating systems also provide backup apps built-in. (backup to a external HD or CD/DVD). Offsite options are available.

Make sure system is secure, install the security updates for your operating system and have a security program with antivirus/spyware /spam & firewall, most internet providers supply their customers with commerical products for free.

Use the built in utilities such as disk cleanup, disk defragmenter and scandisk to keep your systen running well and check for problems that might be coming down the road.

If you have power outages or brown outs or your system is on 24/7 you might want to invest in a UPS.

If your computer is running slow or just not working correctly, restart your system 9 times out on 10 this will fix the problem.

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