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         Tech RepairOn-site Computer Repair

I would like to take this time to thank all my customers throughout the years for their business and support.

Started in 1987 basiclly servicing those old IBM Pc's and Compaq's. Do you remember those? How about good old DOS, Supercalc, Lotus or Dbase. What about the Kaypro and TRS80? Well I still have one. For awhile I also repaired mainframes (did not like it).

In those days you troubleshot down to componet level, where as nowadays its board swap. A computer would cost $5,000.00 for a dual floppy, 256K (not megabyte) monochrome monitor. Man times have changed, you can equipt a whole office for that much now! Glad we have moved on and what everyone was calling a fade has become a necessity.

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